Shenzhen Yipi Electronic Limited
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Shenzhen Yipi Electronic Limited
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: Screen Protector; Privacy Fiter; 9H Nano Glass; Tpu Hydrogel Film; Anti Blue Light Film
Competitive OEM factoryAnnual export US $5,212,451Years in industry(10)Design-based customization
About us
Shenzhen Yipi Electronic Limited is a professional manufacture and exporter which focus on the design,development and production of screen protector and privacy filters.We are operating according to ISO quality management system.All of products comply with international quality standard,and enjoy great popularity in the world market.
Shenzhen YIPI Electronic Limited is a professional manufacturer which focus on Screen Protectors.We have rich OEM / ODM experience,working with many premium brands and distributors from USA,EUROPE and worldwide market.
Our Factory area is more than 3500 square meters,within 60skilled employees.We have professional R&D Teams with 6 experienced engineers.We constantly renew and develop new products to match the demand of our customers.
For Equipment,we have introduced a series of advanced machines , including laser cutting machine,high-precision slitter,laminationg machine,uv molding machine,automatic die-cutting machine,air shower system.
Privacy Filter
Hydrogel Film Sheets
9H Nano Glass Film
Anti Blue Light Film
Paper Texture Film